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Stop the Magic

Magic is real. All too real. Used by kings and masters to control your life. They don’t need no gun, no knife. Its the programming that makes you bite. Hook line and sinker, all the way down. Into the cage, and look around. You build the cage, you apply the chain, “no man” blinds you and put you in a rage.

Driving your dream car, you scream and shout, that guy’s A-Hole, there is no doubt.
Why are you here? What is the spell that blinds you to your own route?
The road less taken, that’s where you should go.
Science! Science will free you! Not the scientism of materialism’s slave, but SCIENCE.


Parapsychology is just a name for where you go to try to explain…
That old black magic, “they” still try to sell. When they know full well, its “from hell.”
Everyone has it, that magic, that desire to excel, if turned against yourself…
No man can help you for he is ourselves. STOP THE MAGIC.

Hello Qoo world!

Sets, subsets, and supersets!

Self, family, nation, world, universe.  These are the circles that define our life on this temporal plane, this infinite ground of going around and around, this happy, unhappy sphere of influence.  Good and bad, seek influence and affluence.  They, and we, play the game.  Winners take the throne, throwing the losers a bone.  But one day, a door, a light from beyond, shining like a knife cutting apart the night of terrors.  Like a curtain asunder, the terrors we fled, now revealed errors long dead.  Like ghost or zombies real, the grab and tear, but in the light of day, they turn to air, dried by their despair.

We, who dared, and cared, now must turn to the rest.  Leave the battles and glories to the fair and strong.  Let the world’s eyes cast upon the coming of the new day.  The New World Order will come.  It is not the good work, it is not the grand plan, it is not to fear.  The New World Order is just you and me.  Take my hand now, let us cast the mold for the days to come.  Leave fear and sadness.  They are there, but receding, receding.  Ahead, the full light beyond the door.  Shining.  Bright.